High Capacity Beveler CP4200

Maximum Beveling Width : 42mm


  • Fast & efficient edge weld preparation (Maximum 42mm bevel width)
  • Easy and simple to adjust beveling depth with one-touch control
  • Fine adjustment of beveling depth (adjustable by 0.2mm per click)
  • Convenient replacement of insert tips by improved cutter structure
  • Clean & smooth beveled surface
  • Possible to adjust beveling angles(from 0° to 60°)
  • Can be used for beveling outside diameters of pipes(more than 6")
  • Capable of beveling various types of materials incl. stainless with "Built-in RPM controller"


Maximum beveling width(B)) 42 mm
Maximum beveling thickness(45°)(A) 30 mm
Adjustable angle 0 ~ 60°
Number of insert tips 24
Motor specifications 230V (or 115V) 50/60Hz 2200W
Weight 13.6 kg

Advantages of cold-beveling for the improvement of welding quality

  • Possible to improve welding quality by precise adjustment of angles and consistent beveling value
  • Economical when considering overall factors like working hours, labor cost, consumed materials and work efficiency
  • Safer working condition compared with grinding machines
  • Much cleaner working environment compared with grinding machines




Plate Beveler down side

User's Guide to bevel outside diameter of the pipe

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