AHA, the Expert for Portable Bevelers

AHA Industrial was established in the year 2003 and has been devoted on developing and manufacturing bevelers, thereby provided lots of contributions to industries like material processing, off-shore plant, marine and shipbuilding. In particular, AHA has been exporting its portable plate bevelers and portable pipe bevelers which have the only unique method in the world, to countries like the US, European countries, Japan, India, UAE and many other countries and receiving positive recognitions on the performance and quality on its machines.

Masterpiece is created by the best tools

Our portable pipe bevelers rotate along the circumference of the pipes and one device has a variable clamping range. Thanks to this unique method, you can work pipes with various diameters and thicknesses with our one machine and thereby expect maximum economic effect. You can achieve the highest productivity with simple structure of the bevelers, easy installation, with no vibration while beveling work, advantage of fast beveling work and convenient portability. In addition, as per the installation method, these machines could be used for both plate beveling and pipe beveling, and the automatic carriers could be adopted for both applications.

AHA Industrial is always trying its best to provide global level products and services through outstanding quality and customer satisfaction, on the basis of long-term experiences and accumulated technical know-how.