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Easy and fast to install!
Applicable to pipes with various diameters with one machine!

  • Portable pipe beveling machine of outside diameters for improving welding quality
  • Fast to work - finish beveling pipes by one rotation (at 45° degree, maximum 15t)
  • Possible to bevel pipes with various diameters with one machine
  • Needless to match center when installing to pipes
  • Rotate along the circumference of the pipes
  • Work scope of pipe beveling for manual type is 6"-26"
  • Work scope of pipe beveling for automatic type is more than 10"

Pipe Beveling Machine
Manual Type(P0020)
Automatic Type(AP1020)
Work scope(Diameter)
6" ~ 26"
More than 10"
Applicable pipe thickness
Less than 20mm
Specifications of
applicable beveler
Refer to Chamfer-Mill Model-1000, Model-2100
(not including beveler)
Patent Number

Korea pipe tools manufacturer


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